The Jump Project

The JUMP Project has officially launched!!! It's a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has created positive HIP-HOP and innovative music projects to motivate and inspire young minds so they can reach their full potential in life in collaboration with educational institutions, non-profits, agencies, artists and companies who believe in social responsibility.

The JUMP Project will primarily accomplish this by having Jonathan Gutierrez, also known as "Baby Jay", perform primarily to young audiences at schools across the U.S. Baby Jay has developed content that focuses on positive messages that seek to help young people develop respectful relationships, pursue education and trades, and promote safe neighborhoods all while staying drug free!

The Founder


Innovative hip-hop artist, Baby Jay uses his talents to inspire and motivate young people! The songs he perform at schools have messages about respect, staying in school, saying no to drugs, overcoming obstacles and non-violence to name a few! In 2005, Baby Jay became the first rapper in US history to combat bullying with his adaptation of the country song “Don’t Laugh at Me”. This was is an incredible country hit recorded by Mark Wills, which was a winner of NSAI Song of the Year and Music Row Magazine Song of the Year in 1999. “Don’t Laugh at Me” was also recorded by the legendary, 60's group Peter, Paul & Mary and became the movement for Peter's International Education Foundation/Don’t Laugh at Me project, a curriculum designed to teach tolerance in schools. This program has already been implemented in more than 20,000 schools across the country including Baby Jay’s version + DVD which has become an anthem in schools across the country! His latest anti bulling song “Respect”, which is also translated in Spanish “Respeto” are also garnering accolades throughout the anti-bullying community. All schools where Baby Jay has presented have acknowledged some form of decrease in bullying and increase in respect!

In the school system, Baby Jay has been called the “Voice of Hope”. He has given a voice to what we all search for, love and acceptance. He speaks in a language we can hear and understand, especially for our youth. Baby Jay’s presentation begins with an interactive talk with the students and shares with them his very powerful life story. It's a story that so many young people can relate to and connects with the students. He gives an explanation about each song and how he relates to them followed by powerful performance of his songs. Throughout his assembly Baby Jay has the students participating and engaged and the response from the students and educators is phenomenal! He shares his story of how B-boying also kept him out of trouble growing up and how he was bullied for being the only one in elementary school when he danced by himself. Baby Jay has also been very instrumental with the "Perfect Attendance Concert"(tm), his manager Rolando Cuellar for R Music Projects has produced to assist school district to increase their attendance through stadium concerts, which has been in the works since 2006 and successfully produced in 2007 and 2008! Baby Jay co-founded these unique concerts. The concerts are a great tool to assist school districts with the dropout rate crisis and are currently under development to expand efforts. Baby Jay's brand has also help individual schools increase their attendance with special programs centered on Baby Jay! One school reporting as high as a 6.5% increase in attendance and acknowledging Baby Jay's brand was the #1 factor for this huge increase which their school had never experienced! Baby Jay acknowledges the hard work from each teacher and he feels honored to be an instrumental resource to help schools and students! BABY JAY IS TRULY A UNIQUE MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER AND ENTERTAINER WHO IS HERE TO CONTINUE HIS SPECIAL WORK THROUGH THE JUMP PROJECT!